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Steam Control Valves

Control valves are used to regulate pressure and rate of flow as per required manner. It is provided with different pressure range as per need. We are marked as major manufacturer and exporter of steam control valves, precisely designed and build as per global standards.

It is constructed with using high grade materials as per demanding control system. It is also made as per perfect combinations of temperature and pressure.

It can be provided with varied kinds of actuator like hydraulic, electrical, mechanical or pneumatic. It is connected to the valve stem.

Our stem control valves are used to control the flow rate of fluid and gas in many process control systems. It also supports manifold kind of design system.

Cylinder Operated Controls Valves

Considering the varied kinds of industrial applications, we have designed vast range of cylinder operated control valves with least maintenance and high durability. We are tagged as noteworthy manufacturer and exporter of industrial valves.

Our series of cylinder operated control valves are build as per international conditions and norms. it is offered with minimum maintenance and longer service life. It is reliably used for sensitive system control.

It is available with single acting and double acting cylinder operated system. Like other actuator system, it is precisely engineered for many kinds of instruments and devices. Depending upon the application area, it is built with varied construction material to make it compatible with operating media.

Thermic Fluid Controls Valves

We are reputed manufacturer and exporter of industrial valves and thermic fluid control valves. By evaluating the particular need of functional criteria, range and size of thermic fluid control valves are decided.

Selection of fluid control valves for the special application seeks better skill. So many operating measures are to be counted for the proper selection of the valve. There is efficient diaphragm assembly with a spring to keep the valve closed.

It is efficiently used in general engineering and various fluid control systems. It is offered with high functional efficiency for wide opening and tight closer. It is used for wide range of temperature and pressure applications.

Oil Line Controls Valves

As being leading manufacturer and exporter of vast range of control valves, we provide robust range of oil line control valves that are available for fire safe applications.

It is known series of valves that provide quick response. Due to its simple and efficient design, it is proven as real control component for the oil line system.

To build such reliable range of varied high quality valves, we possess technically modern fabrication system with best class construction material. It is manufactured and tested as per global standard. So it is available with reliability and good performance assuran

Diaphragm Controls Valves

Diaphragm is the major structural component of the valve. It is responsible to keep the valve close at no pressure position. It is available with most modern features and cope ups with latest process control need of varied industries.

We cater handful of industries with our effectual series of diaphragm control valves. We are known as chief manufacturer and supplier of diaphragm control valves constructed with confirming global standards of fabrication and testing.

Having state of the art facilities for fabrication, we have developed durable range of diaphragm valves with affordable cost, least maintenance and competent service life. It contains good compatibility with the control system. It is an energy efficient control valve provided with specific recital features.

Positioner Controls Valve

Positioned control valves are used in a wide range of industry for varied operations. valve selection for particular use is depends upon many factors like types of media. Temperature of the material in processing is also the significant feature that has to be considered with other features.

It is generally used for varied fluids and gases. It is available with convenient actuator for the opening and close functions of the valve. Our best fabrication facilities help us to provide exact custom positioner controls valve with large capacity range.

We are tagged as reputed manufacturer and supplier of positioner controls valve. It is engineered with defining operational criteria for the required process conditions.  

Y Type Controls Valve

As being leading manufacturer and supplier of great range of industrial valves, we offer rigid series of Y-type controls valve with varied configurations of size and construction. It is made with single acting and double acting actuator.

Our Y-type controls valve is normally closed and open type of valve. It is available with size range between ½” to 3”. For the long lasting performance it is made from stainless steel.

It is built from SS 304 and SS 316. It is generally provided with 3.5 to 7 bar operating pressure and 12 bar maximum working pressure. It can be effectively used with water, gas, steam, oil and chemical. It is suitably fabricated for wide range of industrial applications.